Folded quilt on guest bed

My First Ever Quilt

Back in 2012 when we got home from our honeymoon, I was waiting for our move out west to happen so I could start my new job and Mr Wilson was working on site in Charleville, I decided I would take a beginners quilting class at a local Toowoomba quilt shop.

First quilt draped on mint green chair

My mum had been quilting for a couple of years and I had flicked through her many magazines when I had been visiting. I had also had numerous conversations on the phone discussing various techniques that she was learning or had mastered.

First quilt spread out on spare bed

While I knew how to use a sewing machine I was a complete newbie to rotary cutting, piecing, basting and quilting. Since my Mum lived 6 hours away I decided to enrol in the beginners quilting class.

Corner of first quilt showing binding and close of prints

The lovely ladies in the store were very helpful with setting me up with the various tools I would require to cut the fabric and helping me to select the fabrics I would use to make the quilt in class.

First quilt with corner flipped to show backing and that quilting was in the ditch.

I distinctly remember being completely shocked and a little horrified by how much these initial tools and fabrics cost me to make one baby size quilt. I remember telling my Mum afterwards that I was going to try my best to be a “minimal quilter” only buying the fabrics I needed for specific projects rather than develop an extensive stash! Ha! That did not happen!

First Quilt swirl

Anyway I attended the 2 day class with some lovely ladies and had a fabulous time and came home with this beauty.

Full frame image of quilt top

I was so proud of this quilt that I may have immediately bought enough of another fabric that I had been eyeing off during class so I could make another one straight away and practice what I had learnt.

And so it started and I have been sewing quilts ever since.

Until next time

Linda xx

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