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2021 House Goals

Hello Friends!

Happy New year!

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday season and you are all ready to get stuck into whatever 2021 has instore for you all.

I spent some time over the holidays to set some goals for the year ahead, today I thought I would share my goals for what I would like to achieve around the house. At the very least I would like to get the following areas spruced up.


Not long after we got started working on the Master bedroom and Walk in Robe last year the water seal in the bathroom gave way and the shower started flooding the wardrobe. We have sat on it for quite a few months making sure we knew exactly what we wanted. Luckily for us the rest of the ensuite works just fine so life hasn’t been really been at all difficult with only one shower in the house.

We have now finalised our plan and have received all of the supplies for the space (except the floor tiles which are on back order) we have let the builder know and we are on his list.

Below is an inspiration image for you that I found from Tile Cloud. The size of the room and the layout is comparable to our and the feel of this room is inspiring me.

Inspiration image from Tile Cloud

This space will get a complete shiny new renovation in the next couple of months.

Dining Space

As you know I was supposed to be working on this space in the One Room Challenge for Fall in October and then Wilson Monlee got busy and this space had to take a back seat. Well 2021 is the year that I am planning to make time to freshen up this space since we use it every day why shouldn’t it be a bit prettier!

Inspiration image from Katrina Chambers

Sewing Room

This space is in desperate need of some attention. Since starting Wilson Monlee this room sees hours of daily action and while it has been functioning ok for us, this small space could function a lot better with a few small tweaks.

Inspiration image from Thimble Blossoms

This will be a phase one makeover at this stage. I am definitely in the “lets move all the furniture around to find the best layout” stage. Then we will set the room up to be exactly what would work best for us.

Kids Bedrooms

During the ensuite renovation Mr Wilson and I will be relocating to the spare room. However, once the ensuite is finished and Mr Wilson and I can move back into our bedroom it is probably time to move Georgie Girl out of the kids bedroom and into her own room again. This means that what was once Hugo J’s nursery will become Georgie Girls bedroom and the two boys will continue to share the bigger of the two bedrooms at that end of the house.

Inspiration image for the boys room from Kate Fisher Art

Outside Areas

Pretty much the whole of our outside area needs some work. This year I am hoping to make a little progress.

We are planing to get the shed turned into a usable workspace by adding some organisation.

We want to add to the kids playground area.

Inspiration image from Selwood

I would like to make a vegetable garden and a flower garden.

Inspiration image from A Cultivated Nest

My fingers and toes are crossed that we could get started on the verandah’s around the house this year too but this will probably get pushed out until next year.

Inspiration image is from Pinterest – the original source could not be found.

I also have a really fun challenge idea for giving my whole house a bit of a quick freshen up. I am still ironing out the details but I will be sure to let you know once we get closer to the date.

So there you have it a conservative list of projects I would like to attempt this year. All of these updates are very much phase one cosmetic updates. We are so lucky that our house is in really good condition and also a really good layout so any changes we want to make are largely cosmetic and almost all just because we want to rather than we have to.

I am so keen to get this house to a point where it suits our family and looks like and feels more like our family. We have spent so long living in a rental that having a home where we can make changes to suit us exactly is a strange change but one we are embracing.

Until next time.

Linda xx

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