Liberty, Linen and Gingham Quilt

Welcome back!

I have a beautiful quilt to share with you all today.

quilt draped over quilt ladder in guest room.

The fabric in this quilt is exclusively Liberty of London Tana Lawn and Linen, even the gingham is a linen and let me tell you this quilt is just so soft and squishy. I am sure it will just improve with washing and love.

Quilt swirl

The design of this quilt is based around the two screen printed Bonnie and Neil tea towels that the new owner of this quilt had collected. Each square, strip and row of this quilt was figured out step by step as the quilt top grew.

wide shot of guest room with quilt folded back across the end of the bed.

This was such an exciting method to explore. The options were endless which was so fun. At times though, it was so hard to decide which option to choose next.

Close up of the quilt draped on the ladder in the guest room.

The back of the quilt is also pieced although with a more simplified design.

Back of quilt on the king size bed in the master bedroom.

Ultimately this quilt is reversible!

front of the quilt on the queen size bed in the guest room.
back of the quilt on the queen size bed in the guest room.

This quilt is BIG it’s about 240cm or 94″ square. That’s bigger than my super king sized doona! The pictures show the quilt on my king sized bed in the Blue room and on our queen sized bed in the guest room. As you can see this quilt knows how to cover a bed…

low side shot of the top of the quilt on the king size bed in the master bedroom showing how low it comes on the side of the bed.

I called in a local long arm quilter to quilt this for me. The new owner wanted straight lines. We decided on this 4″ grid design to make sure this quilt can last through many wash cycles in the machine.

Quilt swirl showing the front and back of the binding.

I finished of the edges with my favourite striped binding. I added in a peeper of mustard around the binding too for a little added pop. This detail alone has given me a new appreciation for mustard. Just look how dreamy it is between the striped binding and the navy gingham linen – swoon.

Close up of several sections of the binding showing both the front and the back of the binding.

Here are some more photos because I just couldn’t stop taking photos of this one.

All folded up on the bed. You can see both the folds of the quilt and the top of the folded quilt.
Wide shot of the master bedroom showing the top of the quilt.
Folded quilt on the guest bed only the folds on the end is visible.

This quilt was greatly inspired by Hopewood Home. Susan makes the most gorgeous big patch quilts. I have been avidly following her for the last couple of years on social media her feed is really beautiful.

This quilt has now headed off to its forever home.

If you are interested in having a quilt made especially for you please contact me.

Until next time.

Linda xx

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