One Room Challenge Fall 2020

One Room Challenge – Fall 2020

Hello friends, welcome back.

It’s that One Room Challenge time of year again.

For those of you who don’t know, the One Room Challenge is a program that is run twice a year – Spring and Fall – that encourages everyone to renovate or makeover a room or space in your home.

It’s a chance for people to connect, have fun and be inspired by others while we all complete a space in our homes.

This is the third time that I will be joining in on the challenge. In the Fall round of 2019 I worked on the nursery and in the Spring round of 2020 I worked on the master bedroom. For this Fall round of 2020 I will be focusing on our dining space.

Our dining space is part of the open plan living space right in the middle of our home. We use this space for all our meals, crafting, ironing, junk collecting, the lot. This space works hard for us.

Here is a photo of the space from before we moved in.

From the lounge room looking across to the dining and kitchen space. No furniture and red curtains.

Here is the space once we moved our furniture in.

After we moved in our table and chairs from the last house. Still has the red curtains.

All we did when we moved in was unload our dining table and chairs from our last house. I have added a marble tray and a plant for some pretty styling.

Since the photo above we have replaced the red curtains with white Ikea Merete curtains on a set of their black Racka curtain rods.

To be honest I am not sure that there will even be a huge change to the space once we are finished. but it will be all cleaned and freshened up which is actually my main ambition for the space.

What I would like to achieve over the next 6 weeks is to:-

  1. paint the trim in this space a gloss white to give the trim some contrast with the gray/white walls;
  2. re-oil the dining table with Danish Oil;
  3. bring in some colour with new chair pad covers, and
  4. make some new table linens for our family to use.

So not a huge transformation but smaller achievable tasks that I can complete on the weekends over the next few weeks to give this space some new life and help it reflect my little family a bit more.

Thank you for dropping by. If you are interested here is a link to the other One Room Challenge participant’s introductory posts if you would like to find some other spaces being made over.

Talk to you soon.

Linda xx

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