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Lola Pouches – Large

Hello and welcome

Today I am sharing my most recent make with you – Three Lola Pouches.

Don’t they all look so pretty all lined up?

Three Lola Pouches all lined up showing short sides.

I love a little added detail to items I make. For these pouches it is the striped binding around the top that sets these pouches apart.

When I added the striped top to the pouches I also added a small peeper of blue. It’s a really subtle addition to the top.

These pouches open wide so that when the zipper is open all the contents are visible.

The contrast fabric around the bottom of the pouch is Essex Yarn Died in Indigo.

The feature fabric on the outside and the lining on the inside are both Liberty of London Tana Lawn.

I love using pouches like this to organise my nappy bag. I find that I can fit a couple of nappies, a whole packet of wipes, the plastic bags and a change mat in here easily. There is even space for a tube of nappy cream and hand sanitizer.

Now any bag can be a nappy bag, just pop the pouch in one end, drink bottles, toys, snacks, hats etc. all fit. – I like to just use cute beach bags as my nappy bag, they are so easy to just grab and go.

I also use large pouches like these to store a quick change of clothes in the car (just remember to change it out regularly so that they clothes still fit everyone…). It’s not a suitcase but I find I can get a dress for me and a change of clothes for each of the kids into this bag – enough to get us home.

These pouches are all available now in my shop.

Thanks for stopping by.

Linda xx

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