Bee Earring Workshop

Good Morning Friends!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an earring making workshop on Saturday morning with a couple of good friends and we had an absolute blast.

Me working on my earings

Our tutor for the day was the lovely Bee Twomey who was so helpful with both colour choices and showing us the easiest way to put our creations together.

There were 12 lovely ladies at the workshop and I think everyone had a lovely time and all took away at least 3 pairs of earring that they made themselves.

First up I made this pale pink and teal pair.

Pale pink and teal earrings

Then I made this teal pair.

Teal earrings

My third pair was this aqua and pink pair.

Aqua and pink earrings

Finally I couldn’t resist making this pairwith the navy tassels.

Navy tassel earrings

As you can see mine are all bright and in my favourite colours. There was a lovely lady at my table who made three fabulous pairs that were more neutral that I would totally have bought from her. She inspired me to go back to the table and try to put together another pair that was less in your face colour but I just couldn’t do it. I had to do me and go with all the bright colours.

When we were finished all our creations were packaged up like we had just bought them from a shop (apart from the pair I wore home). I know this sounds silly, but, I think it was a real boost to everyone to see that what they had made would look great in a shop and that we could each create something so beautiful.

Then my friends and I had a lovely long lunch. We had a glass of wine with our lunch, talked about all sorts of things (not just our kids) and really enjoyed having some well deserved me time.

Me wearing my teal earrings at lunch

If you would be interested in attending a similar workshop with Bee Twomey you can check out her website here or follow her on instagram.

Our workshop was organised by the lovely Tahnee of Gifts at Teacup who was an amazing host. You can check out her website here or follow her on instagram.

Linda xx

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