One Room Challenge Fall 2019

ORC Fall 2019: Week 4

Good morning friends.

I hope you have all had a great week. Our week saw everything from some unforseen dental work 2 hours away to a family birthday and the school fete. Living life to the fullest over here!

There was a bit more action in Hugo’s room this week. It was nice to see some progress. There is still so much to go however so I have a busy couple of weeks left.

Blocks for Hugo's Quilt laid out in 2 rows.

Earlier this I completed the quilt top for Hugo’s quilt. I was able to pull all of the fabrics for this quilt from my stash which is fantastic news for my wallet. Now I just need to complete the quilt once I choose the fabric for the back.

Hugo's Quilt flimsy ready for quilting.

I also got started on his clock. I just need to attach the clock mechanism and hang it on the wall.

The clock face painted and ready to be assembled and hung.

The biggest change however is that we swapped out the curtains for blinds and it looks so much better!! I have the old curtains packed up in a box and out in the container waiting for the rest of the red curtains from around the house to join them. They will all end up at Vinnies when I am done.

In the end I chose a faux wood venetian in white for the smaller window and a beige coloured roman blackout blind for the large window.

Standing in the doorway into Hugo's room looking at the opposite wall where his toys go.

We have also installed the curtain rod you can see there on the large window. I have had some ikea curtains in storage the last few years from the house before last which I am hoping will wash up well and finish this wall nicely.

Hug's cot and a partially closed roman blind.

The spots you can see above the window are where we removed the old curtain rod. Unfortunately the brackets had been painted over by the previous owners and when we tried to remove them they did take off some of the paint. All is not lost however because I now have a very strong argument to get that room painted… but probably not before the end of the ORC.

Closer shot of the venetian blind and change table. This shows where the brackets for the blinds have been removed.

Well I had better run. Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to check out all the other rooms undergoing a transformation with the One Room Challenge. There are going to be some stunning rooms out there when they are all completed in another 2 weeks.

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Linda XX

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