About Me

Hello and Welcome.

I’m Linda, the creative and maker behind the Wilson Monlee brand.

Since moving to Roma, south west Queensland with my husband almost 8 years ago and starting our family, I have been exploring my passion for sewing. In particular quilts and more recently accessories with a little bit of embroidery every now and then.

Creating bright and happy quilts, statement accessories and the luxury of Liberty and Linen fabrics all make my heart sing.

My main goal is to make items that bring a little luxury to your every day and a smile to your face.

If you would like me to make something especially for you then please contact me, I would love to help you. If you are interested in seeing what items I have available for sale right now then please visit my shop here.

My husband and I bought our first family home “Stirling” about 12 months ago on the edge of town and most weekends you will find us slowly chipping away at making it the best home for our little family. Hence why you will find home upgrade posts throughout this blog.

Why Wilson Monlee?

Well, Wilson is for my husband’s family. I find both his immediate and even his extended family to be very inspiring. Every one of them is incredibly talented and supportive. I am truly blessed to be part of their wonderful family.

Monlee is for my family and in particular my Mum and my Nanna. Both of these women and strong self sufficient creative women who have both taught me so much.

Thank you for stopping by Wilson Monlee I hope you have enjoyed your time here and I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

Linda xx