Full Robot Quilt on Guest Bed

Robot Quilt

Hello Friends

Welcome back I hope you are having a great day.

When you were last here I was talking about my first ever quilt. Today I am sharing my second ever quilt.

Full Frame Robot Quilt Top

While I was taking my quilting class there was some robot fabric that caught my eye. As we finished up our class on the second day I bought enough material to make another quilt, exactly the same as the first.

Folded Robot Quilt on Guest Bed Long Edge

You see I was worried if I didn’t make another quilt straight away I would forget something vital in the process. Probably a good thing too. I have a distinct memory of making the 4 patch blocks and remembering that in class they showed us two different ways to make them and I couldn’t remember the second way…

Robot Quilt Swirl

It didn’t take me long though and I had a second quilt top completed.

Full Frame Quilt showing backing, quilting and binding

Apparently the basting and quilting part of the process has never been my favourite though because that quilt top then sat there until I was pregnant with my second child and I had the chance to send it to a longarm quilter…

Corner of Robot Quilt showing quilting and binding.

I am so glad it is finished now though as both of my boys love this quilt and it gets used for some purpose nearly every day.

Folded Robot Quilt on Guest Bed Short Edge

Until next time

Linda xx

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