• Blue and White Churn Dash Quilt Swirl

    Blue and White Churn Dash

    Hello friends and welcome back. Today I am sharing with you a quilt that I made for my Bertie Boy. It all started when I discovered how much I loved the churn dash block. Every time I made one I…

  • Ballerina Quilt on Mint Chair

    The Ballerina Quilt

    When my Georgie Girl was a baby I decided I wanted to make her a quilt for her first birthday. I wanted something bright and bold, girly and fun. I had spent hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration and I…

  • Full Robot Quilt on Guest Bed

    Robot Quilt

    Hello Friends Welcome back I hope you are having a great day. When you were last here I was talking about my first ever quilt. Today I am sharing my second ever quilt. While I was taking my quilting class…

  • Folded quilt on guest bed

    My First Ever Quilt

    Back in 2012 when we got home from our honeymoon, I was waiting for our move out west to happen so I could start my new job and Mr Wilson was working on site in Charleville, I decided I would…