Bedroom painted dark blue showing snail quilt on bed and bedside table.
One Room Challenge Spring 2020

One Room Challenge – Going to the Dark Side

Hello friends welcome back.

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It’s week 2 of the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge and Wow have there been some changes made to our Master Bedroom!

Ever since I saw Young House Love paint their master bedroom navy blue back in 2013 (see here) I have loved the idea of a navy bedroom. Even when they changed it out I still loved the blue.

I am so lucky that our bedroom gets tons of natural light. Changing the walls to navy blue definitely seemed like a possibility. Navy and white is such a classic colour scheme, I love a contrasting trim, and the navy should also complement the gray upholstered bed. I was so keen to give it a try.

Then I found this inspiation image and my mind was made up.

Inspriation Image from the Studio McGee Denver Tudor Reveal.

I went through all of the colour samples that I had at home and narrowed it down to two options that I thought would work well. They were Rainmaker and Baltic both by Dulux. I got a sample pot of each and put a big swatch of each on all of the walls in the room along with a stripe of Dulux Vivid White as that is what I would like to use on all the trim throughout the house.

Looking across the bed towards the chair. Walls are still white with the two paint samples.
Standing at the door looking into the room walls are white but the 2 samples are on the wall.

I was so certain that Rainmaker was the colour I would love. I kept going into our room and staring at the squares on the wall to check what the colours looked like in different lights. On day two of all the checking I was swayed. Every single time it was Baltic that I liked best. Rainmaker just threw a little too purple for my taste. I had to wait for the weekend though for Mr Wilson to have a chance to see the swatches in daylight and cast his vote.

We decided on Baltic… It is a good dark blue with slight green undertones – a lot like deep ocean water. I guess that’s why they called it Baltic…

I got too and emptied out our bedroom except for the bed. Then we were ready to prep and paint.

Prep work is no joke. We spent an entire day doing prep work. We spackled, sanded, washed, removed the electrical and airconditioning covers as best we could, taped up the all the edges. It was a mamoth effort!

Room is all prepped and ready for paint.

The next day was painting day. Mr Wilson had the kids for the day and I worked my way around the room cutting in and then rolling each wall. It took me an entire day to give this space 2 coats of paint. But wow what a difference!

Freshly painted room before we cleaned up.

What do you think? Doesn’t the contrast trim look fantastic now. The room looks cosy but it still feels large and roomy. I feel like this room looks intentional and loved now.

Looking across the bed towards the ensuite door. Can see gray bed and white trim against blue walls.
The pink chair with the blue walls.

Thank you for coming by and checking out the progress I have made. Come back next week to see what we get up to next.

In the meantime make sure to head to the official One Room Challenge page here to see the other participants makeover spaces, they are all going to be SO GOOD.

Talk soon, Linda xx

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