Empty Master bedroom before moving in.
One Room Challenge Spring 2020

One Room Challenge Spring 2020 – Week 1

Hello friends! I hope you are doing ok in this crazy world we are living in right now.

It’s time for the One Room Challenge to begin its spring round and I am so excited to join in again as a guest participant. You may remember that I joined in the fall challenge last year and decorated our nursery. I am happy to report that he is still in there and we still love it although it has changed a little over the last 6 months…. Here is a peek in there now.

Hugo's room from doorway with new bookshelf toy storage
Just a bit of a rearrange to allow for more toy storage.

When registration for this round opened I jumped straight in. This challenge provides excellent motivation to get a project started and finished! My biggest problem was deciding which room to tackle next… Initially I thought that I would be focusing on our family bathroom. However within days our ensuite started leaking and I just couldn’t commit to doing our family bathroom anymore when it is the only functioning bathroom in our house until our budget can cover a new ensuite…

It is time for Plan B!

Any of you who are following me on Instagram (@wilson_monlee or @wilson_monlee_home) will know that we have chosen our master bedroom and walk in robe for this round of the One Room Challenge. This will be a makeover of both rooms on an extremely tight budget but I am so excited to see what I can achieve with those limited funds.

I don’t believe for a second that we need to spend lots of money on our homes to end up with a space that is perfect for us that we love.

Lets have a look at the space when we first bought the house.

Looking at the ensuite and wardrobe doors before moving in
Standing in the doorway looking into the master bedroom with the red curtains closed.

It is very much a blank slate – new carpet, white walls with grey undertones (I am almost certain they are Dulux Lexicon) and red curtains.

When we moved in all we did was put in the furniture and switch out the curtains….

Looking at closed ensuite and wardrobe doors across the foot of the bed.
View from the Door once we moved in
Standing in ensuite doorway looking at dresser and chair wall, very cluttered and messy.

We will be keeping the bed, the chair (although it could go back into our daughters room when the big bedroom switcheroo eventually happens) and the bedsides (unless I find something I love…)

Our aim for this space is to create a cozy retreat. Classic and cozy but not too dark or cluttered – we are trying hard to surround ourselves in this home with only things that we use and love. Our walk in robe will need to fit all of our clothes and linen when we are finished with it.

I have plans for paint, lamp shades, art and dressing the bed that are all very much diy and budget friendly. I hope you will follow along over the next few weeks and watch it all come together.

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Bye for now

Linda xx

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